I'm Becky.  I love to laugh, feel the sunshine on my face, dance to loud music, do yoga to even louder un-yoga-like music, cycle around town, sport athleisure wear, hike in the woods, smell salty air, paint vibrant colors, and memorialize beauty.  

To me, there is beauty in everyday moments.  I'm often catching myself thinking how beautiful the world looks from downward facing dog, seeing the rows of people behind me and how the light is trickling in between their silhouettes.  I like loud colors and often cannot make up my mind for fear of having too many choices (they are all so good!).  And then I compare to how life which is like a canoe trip.  You are in this boat oaring with someone else and you can either zig zag across the river fighting each other, work as efficiently as possible to get there as quickly as possible or you can sip a beverage, stare into the view and find nature's beauty not caring when you will arrive - because you'll know when you get there.  I'm still deciding which canoe trip I am on.  


I have 2 smart and creative daughters, 1 ruggedly handsome dog, a warm-hearted and super caring cat, and a zest for life.  I get to live in Ann Arbor, MI.  I like windows open, air conditioners off, walks in the afternoon sun, and documenting life's moments big and little. 

Let me document your life - big or little moments with my artistic eye and soulful camera.