Here at Petal Lens Photography

we take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously.  

We also recognize that capturing memories of this important time in our history is important as well.  

In order to keep clients and the photographer safe as possible, we have implemented a few policies to mitigate risk.  


Becky aka Petal Lens Photography leaning against a stone wall holding her camera smiling right at YOU in front of cactuses in an indoor desert environment.Photo by the AMAZING Pink Moon Photography

Masks & Well Checks:

 I, Becky, your photographer was fully vaccinated in May 2021.  I will wear a mask if I need to be within 6 feet of your family at outdoor locations.  I will wear masks at indoor locations once fully vaccinated until our youngest members of society are able to be vaccinated.


At my house we call these couch rules.  

6 feet is the about the length of a couch, so we try to keep a couch away from people not in our household or pod.

We'll also touch base prior to our session to make sure everyone to be photographed is healthy, no symptoms of covid-19, no temperatures above 100'. In the case someone is ill or quarantined -  we'll reschedule - No Worries!



Petal Lens Photography mainly shoots in outdoor locations and will carefully select indoor locations once fully vaccinated. 

We will be mindful of locations that have local mask ordinances.

As a photographer who loves getting the best shot I usually try to stray away from busy locations, and due to the pandemic this is of even more importance.  

Together we will choose either an off-peak time or a less busy location.  

Great ideas are your front porch, your backyard, a treasured park early in the morning, one of Ann Arbor's many beautiful preserves, a neighborhood walk, your local playground.



Group sizing:

PLP will photograph groups of no more than 10 people in one session.  I will not be documenting events during this time.


Virtual Check Out:

To prevent us from needing to transfer money at the location and helping to ensure a contactless photo session all sessions will be paid in full online 48 hours prior to the session.  All refund rules will apply the same as before Covid-19.  

Becky AKA Petal Lens Photography is holding her hands out looking through them with a fun look on her face.  One cannot see her smile but can see her eyes light up.  Photo by the AMAZING Pink Moon Photography


In before Covid time, I'd greet you with a huge smile and a hand shake or two.  

Our 2021 greeting will look a little bit different than my prior greeting.  You may see my smiling eyes and hear my warm hello.

I suggest winks and thumbs ups instead of handshakes, or the classic  air high five/handshake (those are always fun!).  

I'm very excited to work with you!  



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