Purchasing the High Resolution Images and what it means for you!


Congratulations on your prospective or future purchase! When you purchase the print release cd you gain the right to reproduce your session’s images in print. You can print your pictures on purses, pencil cases, mugs, paper, you name it the sky is the limit! You will most likely have to supply a print release, which should be provided for you your image cd. It seems pretty simple but there are a few things you cannot do with these images. With the exception of resize cropping, you cannot alter the images in any way. This means you cannot change colors, clip and reuse parts in your own projects, photoshop the image, or other means of altering these images. You cannot resell or profit from the use of your images (except that awesome feeling you get from looking at them).  I have soent hours upon hours editing every little detail in your images to make them a work of art.  Sometimes removing blemishes, adding special effects, color variations, and specific details.  If you feel another colorset would better suit an image please bring it to my attention before taking it to anyone else or altering it yourself.  Together we can work to make an image that is Red Jasper Artistry quality with your vision (this may be at an added cost depending on specifics).  

If you use these images for social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. all images must either remain with a watermark showing (use the low resolution watermarked files).  If a watermark simply will not fit in a specific space you must give credit to Red jasper Artistry for taking the image.  Tag Red Jasper Artistry or simply label the image in the caption as Photographed by Red Jasper Artistry.  Easy peasy!  Watermarked images are lower resolution (it will save you time in uploading), they cannot be reproduced in large sizes, and save you from having to type in a credit or tag me as the photographer (which I would love if you did anyway!).  I especially suggest these files for images of children.  There are unscrupulous people who will find an unwatermarked image and use it as their own, trying to sell it as their own, or worse (I personally know other photographers who have had to deal with this issue).  The watermark says these unscrupulous people cannot use this image.  It protects you and your loved ones.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or call Becky.


Notes from Becky!


The following are only suggestions intended to help you preserve, display, and prolong the life of your pieces.

Use a Professional Print Lab When You Can

The reason I ask is for the quality of your photos. In my experience, when photos are printed by a home computer, unless you have special ink/printer, they will fade anywhere from 6 months to 3 years from now. I have quite few photos I home printed and displayed that are now faded into yellows and greens. Lastly, if they happen to get the least bit wet, the ink can come right off the page. I have seen this happen in more than one instance.


Finding a Print Lab

I will always suggest using my professional printing service first and foremost.  My computer screen is calibrated with my printing company and all details you see online will show up as they should printed through me.  If you feel you would rather have your images printed elsewhere, I suggest finding a high quality print lab such as mpix.com. I have personally found from using some local print labs such as a local superstore that my prints can come out looking nothing like they do on the screen with color variations, losing elegant details, and not using professional quality paper.   Professional quality paper is archival and meant to not degrade or quickly fade.  This is especially important if you like to look back at printed images years after they were taken.  



Please remember that your images are specifically cropped by me for your order for each and every size (3x5, 4x6, 8x10 etc). Your images may look slightly different in each sizing. I tend to do my initial cropping (which you preview) for a 5x7. When getting them printed yourself, preview your image for printing to make sure no heads/hands are inadvertently cropped by a standard printing machine. I have also used inexpensive overseas print companies, which did not give you an option to preview each image, and alas many had crucial crops gone wrong.

Printing larger images?

I always recommend ordering your larger prints (or ones that will hang in your home for extended periods of time) with a backing.  Higher end printers will offer this option with a backer board or foam core mount for just a few dollars more.  This backing will not only make it easier to mount your image into the frame, but protects the image from wavering due to being installed the slightest bit loose (I have done this and after about a year, from moisture and temperature changes my image did develop a wrinkle/waver in the frame).  Backer boards are wonderful tools for larger format prints! 

If your image will be hanging in the direct sunlight you may want to consider getting a luster coating.  This is a UV protection installed right on the print.  It protects your image from color fade due to direct sunlight.  Great for sunny showcase walls or sunrooms!  Another option would be UV protectant glass/acrylic in which I talk about a few paragraphs down.

Backerboard and luster coating is available at  www.RedJasperArtistry.com under the mounting and framing category when you preview your image to be printed.


Displaying Your Printed Images


The Importance of Matting

Displaying your memories is a very individual and unique to every person. I would like to take a moment to try and persuade you to use a mat (when applicable - some framing choices simply look better and are designed without a mat) when planning to display your portraits. A mat puts air between your photo and the glass/acrylic, without this, moisture within the frame can congeal the photo to the glass. The photos can often buckle due to moisture and end up looking wrinkled. The mat should keep the photo taught and safe from wrinkles or curling edges.


If you would like to keep the photo hanging for long periods of time in the sun, you may want to get a uv resistant glass or acrylic (to help the photo resist fading) and an acid free mat, tape, backing. Acid will deteriorate artwork, photos etc. The effects of acid over long periods of time is when you see a picture that had a white background and it is now yellowed/ivory often looking as if someone spilled something very close to the edges of the paper. This is an item to know about but not necessary in most cases – the exception would be a wedding or other important photo you plan to hang permanently without changing it out.

Hanging your Artwork!

In galleries and other places where artwork is usually admired – 60” from the floor is where most pieces hang. It is right about eye level for most people. Wherever you display your photos, make sure you love it!

Thank you for the honor of being your memory recorder! – becky

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